The Greek government welcomes direct foreign investments in Greece by offering a long-term residence permit to non-EU citizens and their families who acquire real estate property, the value of which exceeds €250.000.

Beneficiaries of the right to enter and obtain a permanent residence permit under this program are:

  • Non-EU citizens who intend to invest in Greece, either personally or through a legal entity, provided the value of the property exceeds €250.000.
  • Family members of the non-EU citizen described above, who are granted a residence permit and specifically:
    • the spouse,
    • their unmarried children up to the age of 21,
    • the unmarried children of the dependent or his/her spouse up to the age of 21, provided that the right of custody has been legally granted to the sponsor for his/her children and to their spouse for the children thereof, the first-degree ascendants of the spouses.


The following conditions must be met to receive a residence permit:

  • The real estate property must be owned by and be in possession of its owners.
  • In cases of joint ownership, where the value of the property is €250.000, the residence permit is only granted if the owners are spouses with undivided ownership of the property. In all other cases of joint ownership, the residence permit is only granted if the amount invested by each of the joint owners is at least €250.000.
  • If the owner has acquired the property through a legal entity, the applicant must own 100% of the company shares.
  • The residence permit is also granted in cases where the third country citizen is the owner, either directly or through a legal entity, of more than one real estate property with a combined value of at least €250.000.
  • In the case of third country citizens who have signed a lease of at least 10 years for hotel accommodations or furnished tourist residences in integrated tourist resorts, provided the minimum value of the lease is €250.000.

7 single steps for acquiring a Golden Visa:

  1. Visit Greece
  2. Select the property
  3. Sign POA
  4. Acquire the Property
  5. Apply for Residence
  6. Permit Submit biometric data
  7. Receive the residence permit

Our Services:

Phase 1: Property acquisition

The first and most important step is to proceed with a detailed and thorough title deeds due diligence of the property, in order for us to confirm that this property is in good standing. Our aim is to deliver the property to you crystal clear.

  • We deliver project management of the purchase procedure.
  • We represent you at the closing of the purchase
  • We register the contract at the land Cadaster (land register office).

Phase 2: Residence Permit application procedure

We submit the “Golden Visa” applications for you and your family, we assist you throughout the biometrical data  submission process and deliver the “Golden Visa” to you once  issued.

Phase 3: Additional Services

Property purchase in Greece doesn’t come only with benefits, but also with basic but important obligations. It is our duty to assist our investors in being in compliance with their tax obligations, especially when they are back home. Therefore, we provide solid accounting and tax services, focusing on maximizing our clients’ investment.