Andersen´s European Corporate and M&A practice has prepared the sixth edition of the European Corporate Insights’ magazine. In this publication we address “Doing Business in uncertain times” as one of the topics that have special interest for companies with multinational activities, and especially those doing business in Europe.

We live in a turbulent time still marked by the pandemic and mainly by the war in Ukraine, energy price hikes, lack of raw materials, supply difficulties, etc. That is why in this new edition of the Corporate Insights Magazine, we address how these circumstances are impacting the transactions in each jurisdiction. As well as an overview of contractual mechanisms used to protect transactions due to the new circumstances we are facing. This edition has a specific chapter on almost 20 different jurisdictions, summarizing the different guidelines and regulations specific to each country.

The magazine also covers some highlights and relevant information about our Corporate and M&A practice in Europe.

This edition of European Corporate Insights analyzes all of these issues to be taken into account by Companies operating in different European countries.

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