People are the most important part of any organization. Contentious employment issues such as incorrect wage calculations, unfair labor practices, wrongful termination and health & safety can be very costly for your business.

The Greek employment regulatory framework is continually changing at a rapid rate. Technology is also changing the way we work. Every day is a challenge for employers and mistakes must be avoided.

Our aim is to ensure that your organization is compliant with all employment regulations in the most effective and business-oriented way. To achieve this we conduct an independent audit of your current workplace practices to identify non-compliance and ensure you are compliant before any audit by the labour authorities. Any omissions or wrongly targeted policies will be corrected before they become a liability for your business.

We offer our service to all employers for whom the incorrect application of employment regulations could be costly. We can help you prepare for a potential labour inspection or employment litigation and assist in minimizing labour penalties.

We will ensure that your employment practices reduce future employment litigation risks and create internal workforce procedures that set your organization up for success.

We provide:

  • Mock raids simulating a real-time inspection by state employment authorities to identify weak areas and day-to-day mistakes.
  • Due diligence services. We will review your documents, contracts and policies while interviewing your employees to appraise your business’ current situation.
  • Due diligence report services. We will identify all issues which were highlighted by the mock raid and due diligence.
  • Employment training sessions for employees and management.
  • Creation and redrafting of workplace policies and handbooks.
  • Creation and redrafting of employment regulations.
  • Creation of employment compliance policy.
  • Review and drafting of employment contracts to identify and correct mistakes and ensure coordination with other compliance and employment documents.

Our employment team is ranked tier one by the Legal 500. The market-leading expertise of our attorneys, payroll and auditing teams will ensure that your problems are viewed from every possible angle and solved quickly and decisively.

Our Employment Due Diligence service allows you to focus on your core business in the safe knowledge that you are fully compliant with employment regulations. Think of it as an insurance product that pays upfront.