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E-shop: Bulletproof your business

The retail companies operating e-shops, especially the ones with cross-border transactions, should take in due consideration the regulatory and requirements in the national and European market. Andersen Legal summarizes the needs and offers the solutions to support the initiative of online retailers.

white paper

New Employment Law - 4808/2021

The main provisions of the new employment law No. 4808/2021, as adopted by the Greek Parliament. New measures for elimination of violence and harassment in the workplace, flexible working arrangements for parents, digital employment card etc. (Greek Edition)

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Start a Start-up

Start-up companies are the new form of entrepreneurship of the last decade, which brought significant changes in business events, attracting an ever-increasing number of ambitious people to engage in it. But, what makes a start-up successful? When is the right time to start a start up? What are the first steps you should follow?


Fintech: An Overview

FinΤech Services are already popular among customers and every year an increasing number of people across the world is using them. The purpose of this white paper is to provide relevant information with regards to FinTech regulations, services and our proposed solution and approach.

block chain

Blockchain Explained

Over the last ten years, you may have become familiar with blockchain, the record-keeping technology behind bitcoin. Due to the noise generated by Bitcoin, most people identify blockchain with its application in electronic monetary transactions.

But it is much more than that.


Online Gambling Market in Greece

Due to the rapid development of internet infrastructure and mobile applications the online gambling market revenue in Greece boomed during the last five years. Learn more about the market in numbers, the legal framework and brief information on regulatory compliance.

Episode #1:
CCTV Use: How to prepare and comply with Greek DPA’s new requirements

Jul 24, 2020

On Episode 1 of the Andersen Legal Podcast, our associate Simeon Kretsis is referring to the new Guidelines of Greek Data Protection Authority on processing of personal data through CCTV System.

Episode #2:
Schrems II Decision: How EU-US data transfers are affected

Sep 8, 2020

On episode 2 of the Andersen Legal Podcast, our associate Simeon Kretsis discusses with Katerina Kotika the “SCHREMS II” decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union, and how EU-US data transfers are affected.

Episode #3:
FinTech basics: An introduction to Financial Technology

Oct 5, 2020

On Episode 3 our Partner Katerina Simopoulou is explaining FinTech and the FinTech opportunities to boost the financial market as well as the necessary steps towards FinTech product implementation and FinTech services

Episode #4:
An overview of the online gambling market in Greece

Nov 9, 2020

On Episode 4 of the Andersen Legal Podcast, our associate Simeon Kretsis is providing an overview of the online gambling market in Greece.

Episode #5:
Start a Start-up - Your Day One

Feb 19, 2021

On Episode 5, our managing partner a Theodore Pistiolis is providing a brief guide with the first essential questions that you need to answer before making any action.

Episode #6:
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Apr 1, 2021

On episode 6, our associates Sofia Kokkinara and Panagiota Papageorgiou explain what is considered as sexual harassment at work, its impact, as well as the current legal framework in Greece.

Episode #7:
Related Parties Transactions: An Overview

Jun 3, 2021

On Episode 7 of the Andersen Legal Podcast, Dimitra Gkanatsiou, Head of Corporate & Commercial and Andriani Tzamarou, Associate are providing an overview of the “Related Parties Transactions”.

Episode #8:
New Employment Law: Significant Reforms

Sep 14, 2021

On episode 8 of Andersen Legal podcast series, our associate Sofia Kokkinara analyzes and explains the basic pillars of the new law that can be summarized in 5 main categories.

Episode #9:
Law 4706/2020: Corporate Governance Reform - Board of Directors

Oct 06, 2021

On episode 9 of Andersen Legal podcast series, our associate Evgenia Apostolopoulou will refer and focus on the recent legislative developments with regards to the organization and the composition of the Board of Directors.

Episode #10:
Law 4706/2020: Corporate Governance Reform - BoD Committees

Feb 15, 2022

On episode 10 of Andersen Legal podcast series, our associate Rania Koliouli will refer to BoD Committees and their responsibilities.

Greece Data Protection & Cyber Security Law, 2022

The Legal 500" Data Protection & Cyber Security Comparative Guide 2022 for Greece.

This country-specific Q&A provides an overview of Data Protection & Cyber Security laws and regulations applicable in Greece.


Whistleblower Protection: Employment Newsletter

On December 16th, 2019, the EU Whistleblower Directive 2019/1937 into force. The directive will have a significant impact, especially for employers. The directive aims to introduce a uniform minimum EU-wide protection for so called whistleblowers and to improve the detection of violations of European law. In this new edition of the Andersen Employment newsletter we address what employers and employees will have to observe in the future.


The Legal 500" Employment & Labour Law Comparative Guide 2022 for Greece

This country-specific Q&A provides an overview of Employment & Labour Law laws and regulations applicable in Greece.


European Corporate Insights: European Sandboxes

The FinTech ecosystem has recently introduced new players and innovative business models which involve new and different challenges for the financial system such as the regulatory Sandbox. The new edition of our European Corporate Insights Magazine, in this occasion focused in the Banking & Finance industry, has an overview of the regulatory sandbox in different European jurisdictions.


M&A in Europe

The mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market in Europe has reached a historic record in 2021, having undergone
a major growth particularly after the crisis caused by COVID-19. M&A activity in 2021 has surpassed the volume generated in 2017, and is expected to continue increasing.

the recovery guide

The Resilience and Recovery Guide

One of the hot topics the European Union is dealing with is the establishment and operation of a special new fund and program, the so-called Recovery and Resilience Facility (“RRF”). In response to the out­break of the COVID-19 pandemic, EU leaders have agreed to launch this special comprehensive package to be the largest stimulus batch ever financed through EU Budget.

Library Magazine

European Corporate Insights - ESG

The new edition of our the European Corporate Insights Magazine has an overview of the specific ESG guidelines in different European jurisdictions, any ESG benchmark companies have to adapt to if they want to attract investors, and any impact ESG criteria has on investment decisions and transaction structuring.


Limited Liability Companies in Europe

A new Andersen Guide with an overview on Limited Liability Companies in Europe, its formation and incorporation procedures with a dedicated section for each of the European countries.

Corporate Magazine

How to finance M&A transactions in different European countries

The 3rd edition of European Corporate Legal Insights, the magazine published by Andersen’s Corporate Legal Service Line in Europe, has an overview of different European countries, summarizing the different ways to finance, the possibility to issue bonds by private companies, incentives and benefits, and deduction of interest expenses in M&A transactions


European Guide on Dismissals

Even though European countries are regulated with the same principles, the considerable differences between one country and another make sometimes difficult for multinational companies to have an overview of how
terminations work in different jurisdictions.


The Legal 500" Data Protection & Cyber Security Comparative Guide 2021 for Greece.

This country-specific Q&A provides an overview of Data Protection & Cyber Security laws and regulations applicable in Greece.


Applicable Law to Distribution Agreements in the different European countries

The second edition of European Corporate Legal Insights, the magazine published by Andersen’s Corporate Legal Service Line in Europe, analyzes all of these issues to be taken into account in distribution agreements in different European countries.

Banking Finance

Banking, Finance & Capital Markets Practice Presentation

The Banking, Finance & Capital Markets practice is under a process of a radical reform and our promise is to actively support our clients’ sustainable growth on the field. We commit to deliver results in accordance with our firm’s standards and values.

Covid 19

EU Employment Newsletter: FAQs Immune Certificate

The European Employment Practice of Andersen has prepared this Newsletter with relevant information for employers regarding the vaccination certificate. This document provides an overview of 21 countries covering the most common questions on this regard that employers have.


European Guide on Teleworking

The global spread of Covid-19 is forcing employers worldwide to introduce teleworking. The European Employment Group of Andersen have developed a practice guide that provides employers with important information on the introduction and implementation of telework in the individual European countries.


EU Employment Newsletter: FAQs Vaccines

Andersen Global and its European Employment Practice, has prepared this edition of the Newsletter with an overview of the requirements and obligations that employers have regarding the Vaccine. The newsletter provides an overview of 20 countries covering the most common questions regarding vaccination.


Covid-19 Impact Debt Restructuring & Insolvency

Andersen European Service Line Restructuring and Insolvency, has prepared this guide to provide an insight into legal solutions adopted by selected European states in a response to the Covid-19 pandemic in the context of insolvency and restructuring procedures.


European Restrictions on Foreign Investment Due to the COVID-19 Crisis

European Corporate Legal Insights devotes its main section to analysing the measures adopted by the different countries due to COVID-19 crisis