Competition is the driver of growth in the economy. Competition law protects not only the public interest in general, but also the interests of suppliers and consumers. Equally, if not more importantly, competition law provisions may be crucial in opening new markets and thus creating additional opportunities for revenues and growth. And with the increasingly aggressive strategy of the Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC) (which levied a total of €412m in fines from 2000-2013) there has never been a more crucial time to ensure your compliance with Greek competition law.

Our team has the deep expertise to ensure compliance with Greek competition regulations. Our lawyers have exemplary in-house experience at competition regulators at both EU and national levels. Often they were the lawyers who drafted the final decision by regulators in a competition investigation.We therefore understand exactly what the competition authorities require and how they get it. There are few teams in Greece who can provide such innovative, business-oriented solutions based on in-house experience at the regulators.

Our approach is preventive rather than reactive. It is crucial to prevent antitrust risks rather deal with them after they have become a problem. We can explain the potential risks and prepare a compliance program specific to your business (which we can also assist in implementing). We also have the capacity to conduct antitrust audits to identify potentially problematic areas and design remedies and minimise (or eliminate) the possibility of antitrust litigation.

  • Assessment of contracts
  • Assessment of the conditions for exemption from the application of the competition rules
  • Assessment of whether a firm enjoys a dominant position
  • Drafting antitrust complaints.
  • Representation of companies before  the HCC.
  • Drafting responses to requests for information
  • Representing companies during on-the-spot inspections (dawn raids)
  • Drafting written replies to the statement of objections sent by the HCC.
  • Representing of companies in oral hearings before the HCC.
  • Drafting and negotiating commitments.
  • Advice in respect of the leniency policy.
  • Drafting judicial review actions
  • Drafting merger notifications, and counselling at all stages of a merger clearance process.
  • Compliance Training
  • Compliance audits

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