Energy and natural resources are a significant part of the legal landscape and are currently making headlines more than ever before. Ιndustry sector encompasses a broad spectrum of legal matters related to both renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Accelerating the energy transition will require practically every business, to innovate and to be agile towards the next day’s challenges. Businesses are looking for new technologies, innovative solutions, and market breakthroughs.

Andersen Legal in Greece combines knowledge of the Greek market, familiarity with international best practices, and a global group of lawyers with multidisciplinary expertise in the energy sector to bring our clients the most practical and efficient solutions.

Our energy and natural resources group offers full-service solutions to energy companies, natural resource developers, and investment funds. We work with clients during the project lifecycle, including inception, project development, completion, operation, and sale; we advise in closing complex transactions, M&A, developing and financing energy projects, navigating regulation, real estate and construction, resolving disputes, and protecting their intellectual property.

Regulatory Compliance, Permitting & Approvals

Our clients face an energy regulatory landscape that often pushes right back. We navigate regulatory risks and help clients overcome regulatory obstacles to move important projects forward. Our energy regulation attorneys provide advice in regulatory frameworks ensuring compliance with energy – environmental laws and representing clients before regulatory bodies and agencies in order to help secure the local environmental approvals and permits needed to move projects forward.

M&A and Project Finance

We conduct in-depth legal due diligence reviews for energy transactions and advise on project structuring and financing, ensuring sound investment decisions. We ensure optimal advice on sales acquisitions and mergers within the energy sector.

Real Estate

We carry out in-depth legal due diligence, exploit our vast knowledge and expertise to identify areas of risks and potential problems and ensure the fit-and-proper acquisition of required land rights.

Dispute Resolution

We have extensive experience representing major energy companies in various challenging and high-stakes legal disputes. Our team members have represented our energy industry clients in the full range of litigated disputes, including contract and tort claims, real estate disputes, environmental issues, JV and price adjustment disputes, and tax issues. We also provide strategic litigation consulting aimed at helping our clients avoid or prepare for the possibility of litigation.

Our guidance to clients in the energy and natural resources sector includes:

  • Project structuring and implementation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Project financing; refinancing of projects and debt restructuring
  • Bilateral and syndicated loan transactions
  • Grid access and market entry
  • Facility development and construction
  • Power markets; Power purchase agreements (PPAs)
  • Real estate; land acquisition and land lease agreements
  • Permitting and regulation
  • Safety and health
  • Construction (EPC) and operation and maintenance (O&M) contracts.
  • Commercial contracts
  • Trade and supply contracts
  • Tax structure

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