A guide to enforcing foreign court judgments across various Jurisdictions – Newsletter | July 2023 Edition

Date: July 18, 2023

The ultimate purpose of any litigation or alternative dispute resolution procedure is obtaining an enforceable decision (award). Based on this premise, our chosen topic covers the most common issues typically arising in the course of enforcing domestic judicial decisions in other jurisdictions:

  • What are the requirements applicable to the recognition and enforcement of judgements entered in the State of origin in another State?
  • What particular formalities need to be followed?
  • Which courts have jurisdiction to hear applications for recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments?
  • What are the costs typically incurred in this type of proceedings?

In this guide, lawyers from various European jurisdictions provide a practical overview of the requirements that must be satisfied and of the steps that need to be undertaken to seek the
recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments. Acknowledging the different legal traditions of the jurisdictions subject to analysis, this guide outlines the similarities, but it also clearly points to the existing differences across different States.

We do hope that this guide will be of interest and useful to any litigants (or potential litigants) seeking the recognition and enforcement of their foreign judgments in any of the covered jurisdictions.

Read the guide here