Banking, Finance & Capital Markets: An Introduction

Date: June 1, 2021

By Katerina Simopoulou

The Banking, Finance and Capital Markets practice is under a process of a radical reform and our promise is to actively support our clients’ sustainable growth on the field. Combining international working experience and practical expertise in the banking and investment services’ business and technology as well as our professional legal background and knowledge in very sophisticated and complex cases in banking, finance and capital markets, but mostly driven by motivation and engagement, we commit to deliver results in accordance with our firm’s standards and values.

Credit institutions, investment firms and other financial institutions, insurance companies, public and private companies, funds and persons; all are in scope of our services.

Having first-class experience in banking and capital markets’ cross-border issues and compliance, we effectively manage all our clients’ due diligence and legal risks. Our international insight in the banking sector is the key for the successful management and coordination of all competent authorities and regulatory bodies towards the licensing, passporting and effective operation of our international clients. While digitalization is transforming the financial sector, our Andersen people are of the highest calibre and expertise to legally advise on the establishment of sophisticated digital financial and e-banking services procedures.

Our ambition is to meet the challenges of the financial sector, innovate and assist our clients to innovate, provide added-value, business oriented and efficient services related to the financial industry.

We aim to focus on the next day of the financial sector and expand possibilities of growth and opportunities to expand for our clients.

We commit to play our best in order to be of use. To do more. The future in the financial sector is here.

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