Blockchain Explained: Why should Blockchain matter to you?

Date: October 26, 2020

Due to the noise generated by Bitcoin, most people identify blockchain with its application in electronic monetary transactions. But it turns out that blockchain is a reliable way of verifying other types of transactions as well. In fact, blockchain technology can be used to store data about property exchanges, stops in a supply chain, and even votes in an election.

Coming years will establish blockchain as “standard”.

Evidence of the above is that by the end 2019 over 1200 blockchain-related patents were filed in the US alone. Blockchain’s ability to create trust, ensure transparency, automate workflows, and validate and document items is likely to reshape how businesses operate.

We believe in innovation through technology, we understand the challenges that lie ahead, and we are here to help you forge necessary synergies, define new standards in your business operations, and reap the most rewards by capitalizing on blockchain’s disruptive power.

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