Executive Remuneration Review, Edition 2014

Date: April 21, 2015

Our firm has been the  key contributor for Greece to the Executive Remuneration Review, 2014 Edition, published by Law Business Research.  Executive Remuneration Review is a global survey and is supported by top level law firms worldwide.

Εxecutive remuneration encompasses a diverse range of practices and is consequently influenced by many different areas of the law including tax, employment, securities and other aspects of corporate law.  Its  intention is to  provide readers with an overview of these areas of law as they relate to the field of executive remuneration.  Executive Remuneration  will be particularly useful in circumstances where a corporation is considering establishing a presence in a new jurisdiction and is seeking to understand the various rules and regulations that may govern executive employment (or the corporate governance rules relating thereto) with regard to newly hired (or transferring) executives in that jurisdiction.

The most fundamental considerations relating to executive remuneration are often tax-related.  Executives will often request that compensation arrangements be structured in a manner that is most tax-efficient for them, and employers will frequently attempt to accommodate these requests.  In order to do so, of course, it is critical that employers understand the tax rules that apply in a particular situation.  To that end attempts to highlight differences in taxation.

Download or read here the relevant chapter for Greece edited by Anastasios Triantafyllos and Ilias Sakellariou, Partners of our firm.