European Corporate Legal Insights: Applicable Law to Distribution Agreements in the different European countries

Date: November 5, 2020

With the advance of new technologies, the market for products and services increasingly transcends borders. International trade is a must not only for large companies, but also for businesses of all sizes seeking access to a wider, more diverse and decentralised consumer. The Internet has democratised the marketplace and it is up to businesses to discover ways to approach consumers efficiently. To this end, one of the traditional methods is through distribution agreements, in which a business can reach a wide audience through all of a distributor’s channels, thus allowing efforts to be focused with increased efficiency.

However, do we know the necessary legal frameworks in the countries in which we conduct business when we sign one of these distribution agreements? Are there specific regulations for these kinds of contracts? Does Europe operate as a single market? Can an agreement be concluded by choosing a different jurisdiction agreed to by the parties?

The second edition of European Corporate Legal Insights, the magazine published by Andersen’s Corporate Legal Service Line in Europe, analyzes all of these issues to be taken into account in distribution agreements in different European countries.

Our Senior Associate, Dimitra Gkanatsiou, contributed to this effort by providing relevant information for the Greek market.

Download the magazine here: European Corporate Legal Insights