Pistiolis – Triantafyllos & Associates Law Firm and Dimitris Antoniou & Associates Law Firm are now operating as one

We are proud to announce that Pistiolis – Triantafyllos & Associates law firm and Dimitris Antoniou & Associates law firm are now operating as one.

Together, we are uniquely positioned to provide to corporations and individuals comprehensive legal services and to create a secure and compliant environment for our clients in order to be able to achieve and sustain growth.

Due to this new partnership, our firm is expanding its practices and provides services regarding to Administrative and Regulatory Law as well.

What does this partnership mean for you?

A broader and deeper range of services  to meet your business needs.

Greater support and resources available

Unique  experience in Administrative and Regulatory Law

Expanded expertise in Corporate Employment and Labour Law with an unbeatable winning record in litigation cases

Rare know-how in handling high profile cases

Our goal is to continue delivering innovative, high-quality, solution oriented legal services. We share a common objective: to ensure your absolute satisfaction for services rendered. We remain dedicated to this objective now that we are operating as one.

Both firms are privileged to serve the most respectable corporations in industries such as Construction Land Development and Real Estate, Telecommunications Media and Technology, Commercial and Services, Pharmaceutical and Hospitals, Radio Stations and Press companies, Industry, Public Organizations and major union trades, Shipping companies, Airline companies, Consulting companies, Holding companies. The depth of our resources and the breadth of our reach are now stronger than ever. We take great pride in our reputation as a firm with which it is easy to do business. That will not change.

We will continue working hard to earn your business, and we want to thank you for your loyalty and support.
Your existing contact persons remain unchanged, so you can use the same communication channels you have been using so far. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.